Butter Churn… Twenty-first century style!


After spending the most of my years being comfortably ignorant of what goes into the food I eat. I am amazed how and what goes into making food.

Just when I thought life held no more surprises – in comes BUTTER. Real butter not the store-bought slab of fat and chemicals. When I first got to the ranch it was really an eye opener.

Now when I think of butter I think of the milk maid carrying a buckets of milk from the cow and pouring it into a churn that has a long handle and requires MANY hours of labor. Then came the ranch.

First and foremost the milking – made easier by the automatic milker! You may call it cheating but I call it sanity saving. I am really trying to keep any sanity I have left. Not much so I have to use it sparingly!

OK, this is the beginning of butter. Full udder and suction cups to pull out all of that creamy goodness!
Here is how that starts. The one in blue is me, just in case you couldn’t tell. I am on udder duty. Clean, dry, clean again spray milk into a screen to see if it has lumps. NO lumps means butter is in the making!
See, isn’t a beautiful thing? Milking and both the cow and I are happy. Well, happyish. One thing I have learned and I guess it might be important to share. If the tail goes up…. get out of the way FAST!! My cousin Judy and I were talking while the milker was going. I guess Bessie didn’t like being on auto pilot. I missed the tail warning and got sprayed with cow urine. The milk was safe in its vacum sealed bucket. I wonder why Judy didn’t want to hug me? Just kidding I jumped in the shower. AND managed to give her and Tommy a hug!
OK, this is the milk separator. Yes, it is supposed to look like that. I know that – thank you Bill Swann!

When I started to think of making butter and all of those hard hours of churning. I almost quit right then and then! Well, I did have to plug the thing in! Heavy work for a city girl!

After minutes of hard labor plugging in the butter churn. I have butter, buttermilk and cream. 

Something ELSE I learned was that while real butter is good, you can add most anything to it. I tried honey butter. The ratio is not 50/50! OK learning here. Once the trial and error of many pound of butter. I had honey butter, spicy butter, jalapeno butter. Any other suggestions of what I can add to the butter?

I think we are done milking…
Our milk cow is once again pregnant. When we got her she was almost due. Once she had the calf. Her milk flow was great. Almost 4 gallons a day. After letting Amy eat we still blessed with milk from her. She is Jersy cow. Great creamy milk.

Here is the star of the show! Bessie. The last time she kicked me in the head I thought of changing her name to “T-bone!”