Goodbye Bull, Hello Steer

Do you ever wonder why some cattle (notice I didn’t say COW) are born bulls? But are sold as steers? Last year was a learning curve for us AND the cattle. Do you know what happens when a “bull” becomes a “steer”?

Well, wonder no more! But in an effort to keep this a family friendly post, I will explain “Banding” another time. Let us just say that it is a lot easier when they are new-born. Last year they waited almost 6 months to band them, not a mess that we wanted to do AGAIN this year! Most of the time it is easier to keep Mom and calf together. Banding? Not one of those times.

20180329_093140 (1)
strategy being planned. Is it my imagination or do they look a little uncomfortable? Kind of putting their knees together. They are just thinking about what needs to be done.
After getting the pair separated. Hello, bull calf! notice the tool in his right back pocket?!?
Ear tag first.
REALLY!?!? This was the perfect set up to an award-winning photo!! That is my story and I am sticking to it. #Photo FAIL!!
When you just have to catch that little bugger anyway you can! Yep, got him!
How many guys does it take to “band” a calf? Current count 2! And that had better be enough! Because I am NOT getting in there!!
Did we get both of them?!?! YEP, feels like it. OK, just OK. I don’t know what else to say! #what is up with that? #WHAT?
“MOM!! What did they do to me!?!? My ear and my ‘Bull Parts’ hurt!?!?” from a very stunned calf! But Mom has all the answers. “Don’t worry son, it will all go away soon!” Moms are always right!! Good bye Bull, Hello STEER!