And so the Grandma Cat told me…

Ok, I know I am way out of my depth out here with the cows, horses and let us not forget – the barn cats! When I got here about a year and a half ago they were concerned about the number of cats in the barn. It kept going down. Well, you know I just couldn’t let that happen! Those poor kitties need food!! So off I went to make sure that the cats stay around. I got the cat food that “Her Highness” eats and to the barn!! I also had some canned cat food so I went down to make friends with the feral cats that are hiding in the barn.

The next day I was again doing the cat food, we have since gotten where Harvey feeds the barn cats. We keep the big food bags in the Tack room. But on this day I was still on can duty. I couldn’t find Grandma kitty anywhere. Shit!?! Did I feed her something that made her sick? Is she OK? Just about the time I was ready to push the panic button and call on Harvey to mount an all out search for the lost kitty, she came strolling in with a dead bird. So I figured that Grandma kitty was telling me I stink at this hunting stuff. So she took it on herself to feed the poor hunter – me. I am not sure she liked the canned stuff but she did manage to get some of the crunchy stuff before vanishing in the loft.


The good thing is that there are now enough cats to hunt a whole acre of mice. The bad thing is I haven’t managed to figure out the thin line between

  1. Keeping the cats on the property
  2. Leave them hungry enough to hunt the mice….

OK, that is an idea we have yet to iron out. But I feel better knowing that they are at least eating enough to make it through the winter. Which I hope is almost over.

Meet Fluffy. No, I didn’t know when I named him that it was a him! He has a rather odd way of eating. He lies on the food.

AND we have not one cat that is pregnant this spring… we have two! GG and GRANDMA!! Grandma what have you been doing?!?!? We saw a huge black TOM around the barn. I won’t be surprised if they all come out with some black cats!

Grandma was right not only can I NOT cook but hunting is out of the question!

I hope you all have a pet willing to feed you a dead bird!