NOT just a suggestion…

I had a really good time at my Uncle Donnie’s 90th birthday gathering. Once I got there. I learned something new about South Dakota. I was driving along minding my own business. When out of NOWHERE What to my wondering eyes should appear but flashing red and blue lights!

OK, this was on the way home. Notice that UNDER 80 is the speed and you can just barely see the cruse control setting.

Just 5 miles from my destination. Had the state trooper had an extra cup of coffee we would have never met! On the other hand because he was there I got a lesson. Just because you are anxious to get to where you want to be, slow down and make sure everyone gets there in one piece.

As I crossed the state line I saw a speed limit sign that said  “Speed Limit – 80” I am not usually driving that fast. OK, well maybe one or two above the speed limit. You know just to see if the sign is just a suggestion or not. Well, in South Dakota it is NOT just a suggestion.

“With the speed limit of 80 anything over that becomes dangerous.” This came from the very nice YOUNG man who stepped out of the car with the flashing lights. Did I mention that I have socks older than this guy?!?

I tried the sympathy card.  “Well, I am trying to make it to my uncle’s 90th birthday party!”

I was shot down right away “Is it tonight?”

Then came the explanation of “No but if I don’t get to the hotel by 6 they won’t hold my reservation.” I even thought of the old “it said 90!” ( I-90) but I decided to take my medicine like a big girl I signed the ticket and let him get on his way. I asked him if he knew where Letcher, SD was. He acknowledged that he did. I wanted to show that there were no hard feelings I invited him by the legion hall in Letcher on Sunday. “Food and cake galore!” At least one of us was smiling when I left… heavy hint it wasn’t me!


Some of my cousins let me know that if it was only 4 miles I would have scooted through with out any trouble. Thanks guys! Most of the fun was managed in the pre and post of the celebration. With most of the family staying all together in a “hunting lodge” In Letcher.

I got to take pictures as my “Cooking” skills leave a lot to be desired! The fun was not just at the party but the activity before and after! I love seeing all my relatives. With out things like my speeding ticket what would we have to talk about in future family reunions?