Compost… it is not just shitty!!

OK, how many know what compost is? Yep, fertilizer. Packed with all sorts of nutrition from ….. (wait for it!!)… SHIT! Education never stops. I have learned more about shit than I ever wanted.

For instance how many of you know that there are different kinds?

  1. from cows, horses and some sheep.
  2. from dogs, cats and humans.

Just in cast you didn’t notice let me explain the TOP listing. All of those are herbivores. They eat grass, grain and sometimes minerals.  Nary a meat source in site. Which I guess is the point.

The second category are the carnivores. Besides being unfit for compost they also separate the good and bad of composting. Digesting meat takes some enzymes that do not do well in the cycle of plant growth. So when we get pigs, they will be the recipient of all the meat scraps.

Along with the herbivore manure the compost needs to have nitrogen. Let me amaze you with my knowledge of shit. Or just my shitty knowledge! Nitrogen is found in paper, cardboard and dead leaves. The later has to be ground up so that it doesn’t take that long to decompose.

With information obtained through The United Department of Agriculture the powers that be – Peter’s Dad. Have settled on the “Windrow” setup for composting. This means that the big pile of compost will be settled in the far side of the trees to be marinated. OK, not the most appitizing term for things that will be put on food plants! I am not looking forward to the smell this summer but I am looking forward to the veggies that will be grown (AND WASHED!) in the seed house. I am hoping that by next fall we will have veggies galore and learning to do some canning. I really wish I had paid more attenetion when Mom was so eager to teach me.

Are you impressed by my knowledge? I am!!