Nurses ROCK!!!

My Mom. Very proud of her. RN from the class of 1950.

First and fore most I want everybody to know that I love nurses, doctors not so much but nurses rock!!! I have cousins that are nurses, HI JUDY LEETON!! Some that have been EMT’s. When I and my family have been in the position of needing a nurse. Nurses never act aggravated at even the pettiest of requests. “Can I have some more water with ice?” Then, in comes the water with ice. Buzz the button and someone comes in to see what they can do. I remember once after surgery I was trying to get out of bed to go to the bathroom, I had to go really bad. I buzzed and she came running in with a “What do you think you are doing?” Sounded kind of like a Mom at that point. I explained that I really had to go to the bathroom, she got a little twinkle in her eye and said: “What do you think that little bag is for?” I at first thought she meant I was to use the bag – OK, I had just come out of surgery, my brain was still foggy. She explained to me that the catheter “Fowley”  was what was making me think I had to urinate. Gotta love those nurses!!

I saw a story on Facebook. (I spend WAY too much time on the internet)  About a nurse who went shopping after her shift with her badge on from the hospital. She also had a hair style not readily seen at a hospital, or anywhere really. Along with the hair she was the proud owner of several tattoos and piercings. The clerk at the grocery store drew attention by saying ” That hairdo, tats and piercing would be permitted in my job.” I replied to the story with the following post:

I am shocked. But not about the hair. I like it when the nurses and even the doctors have something like that. It gives me something to talk to them about other than aches, pains, and fears. The focus on their appearance is a welcome diversion. I am sure that the appearance has started quite a few conversation between the shots, blood draws, the taking of vital signs, cleaning up vomit, and trying to figure out when they can get home and just have 5 mins to themselves. It also lets patients see them as people. Not some sort of machine. If their hair, tattoo, piercing or whatever helps them deal with the ever popular topics  of pain and suffering. GO FOR IT!! If it takes their mind off of the barf they have cleaned, the stool that they have mopped up and the myriad of things that patients and family need. I would say they deserve a little “personal” expressions.  Not to mention patience (I am not sure why them call them patients – most of them have no patience!! HA! HA! I made a funny!!) But seriously, why can’t they do something for themselves? I had a respiratory therapist come into the room to give a much-needed Asthma treatment after he left the lady in the bed next to me said: “I wouldn’t let him give me a treatment. He is GAY.” I really didn’t know what to say so I just asked “Why? You jealous?” She got such a look on her face and buzzed for the nurse in less than 20 mins I had the room all to myself….I wonder if it was something I said?? I hope so!

Nurses are human too. I had a friend lose her Mom recently. Because of her Mom’s passing, she seems to be suffering from bouts of vertigo along with a laundry list of symptoms. My friend is handling way too much at the moment but it is what has to be done. When she put up a post that said the doctor she was going to didn’t want to listen to her.

I answered a post that she had put up:

I always try to do as the doctors tell me. Just remember they are the experts on medicine, but you and only you are an expert on YOU. Don’t stop until you feel comfortable with understanding what the test, doctors etc. have to say. Just remember they are “practicing medicine”, but you are the real expert on your body. After all, you have been you longer than they have been a doctor. Just saying…  And yes you can get sick from stress. Just ask Debbie Reynolds.