Learning something new everyday! I ran across a website that had marked to follow my blog. I really have to tell you that I need all the followers I can get! But being a rather cautious soul these days, I had to look up a word. Phlyarology… never heard of it before? Me either. Below is what I found.

“Following on from this, a ‘-logist’ is one who studies (a body of knowledge). A biologist, for instance, is one who studies biology. Phlyarology then, is the study of nonsense; and a phlyarologist is one who studies nonsense — not, necessarily, one who speaks it.May 12, 2011″ 

It dawned on me that what I am lacking of late is nonsense.

These days of wondering what is going on, thinking that everything has to be done with expedited urgency or even done at all! I sit here on this Sunday morning looking at dishes in the sink, mail all over the desk, paper, cat food and water. Now I would usually get right up and clean. OK, are lies nonsense? If so I am off to a great start on my day of Phyarology!  I wonder do I have to declare my study in Phyarology to a specific topic? Like college “Liberal Arts” yep that was me! After all Phyarology seems very studies oriented.


Let me start with the fact that I am deep down a fairy queen! Don’t believe me? Check this out – OK, not very recent but that is fine. In my heart I am still 25! those other 35 years don’t count!


Well, I have been singing away during this post. Not one deer, rabbit or even cat has come into help with the housework! NOW that is Phyarology! Just kidding living where I live it is really good that no animals came.

Can you imagine cleaning up after these guys in the house? Well, one horse seemed interested. I think he was more interested in the carrot I was holding. Not even the queen of hearts came to help! Of course with her yelling “OFF WITH HER HEAD!” every couple of minutes, she wouldn’t be much help either.

May Phlyarology guide your life… or maybe just a little part of it. We don’t stop playing when we get older, we get older when we stop playing!!

quote from “” on Phyarology