Parents vs Grandparents!!

Dad being a Dad.


Between when my parents stopped being parents (OK, they never stopped but you get the drift!) and when the first grandchild appeared. My parents were switched out for some alien parents. They who would never let me get away with anything… well sort of.  But when they had grand kids and everything was OK. When my Dad would take my son to the store and not only did they buy every sweet in the store, They would stop at McDonald’s and get an ice cream cone!! The way I found this out was my Dad had a wreck and I grabbed stuff from the car before the tow truck got there. And what do you think to my wondering eyes appear?? Yep a MILLION and one of those paper things that they would put on the bottom of the ice cream cones. I asked Dad about it, later. When I asked him about it he just gave a grin and said… “Well, I don’t use the backseat anyway.” Really?? Not that he and Peter had consumed enough soft serve to sink the titanic (again!). But the mess it left translated to Peter’s driving his car. When I cleaned out his car to be sold I found about 4 HUGE trash bags full of trash and clothes.


I guess I will have to wait to have grand kids to find out what magic potion is handed out with the birth announcements! Because I know that when I was growing up they really were so much stricter. And much more busy.. maybe that is the answer. If I really look at the time they spent with my son I am grateful that they had so much time to spend with Peter. I know I didn’t! I think I will go with that answer. So now when grand kids come along I hope I am half of the grand parent my parents were. Thank you Mom and Dad from the bottom of my heart. I hope you all have as much time as you want with your grand kids!