A girl has to have her priorities!


A girl has to have her priorities in the right order. Eat now give birth later!

My cousin, Virginia, lives in South Dakota. And I am hoping to head up her way, soon. Uncle Donnie is celebrating his 90th bday. I texted her to explain that my brother Harvey would in all likelihood not be able to come due to the cows coming into calving season. Not sure that is the right term, but let’s continue. Virginia (Cousin) knows that out of all the people in the world I am the least likely to be on a farm. Harvey has been working hard and has made the transition from city to country look like a breeze. I on the other hand am still working on figuring out how to walk the yard without getting manure on my shoes! When texting I mentioned that some of the cows are first timers. Her reply was that she hoped he had good back up. (that lets me out!!)

When the man who owns the place and Harvey went to the Feed Store, they purchased a “Calf Puller”. Yep, it is exactly what it sounds like. You put it on the cow’s butt and working with her contractions you pull the calf out to greet the world!

And I thought the sturups in the maternity ward were awkward

The purchase of the calf puller reminded me of something that happened last year. I had only been here a few months and really didn’t know what I was doing. I know… not much has changed! Harvey came in with a grin on his face to let me know that one more calf had been born. When I asked about the smile, it got bigger and he told me. “One of the cows was obviously in labor.” I am glad he knew she was because I wouldn’t have known. He said her tail was up and she was having movement in the general area of birth. “But she was still walking around and eating. She must have seen a really juicy piece of grass. She walked up a little slope and bent down to get it.” His laughter was not helping him tell me the story and I was getting impatient! “Gravity must have worked because the calf nearly popped out and then actually rolled down the slope!” I am thinking POOR THING!! “The mom kept eating for a little bit and then leisurely decided to follow the little guy down the slope. When she got there the calf was looking like, well, looking like he had just been born and rolled down the hill!” He is laughing and I am worried about the calf!”Is it OK? Did she start licking it?” Now that makes me sound like I know what I am talking about but it just means that I spend WAY too much time watching Dr. POL. He said she was fine and even with the calf looking like it doesn’t know what was going on it did manage to find the OPEN BAR! He was looking much better after being licked clean (EWEWEWEW!) and having his fill of the readily available milk bar.  He was up and wobbling away like the rest of the crew. Our neighbor and mentor said it was a good thing that the weather was warm or the calf would have been in real trouble.

I hope all of your “tumbles” end with someone willing to lick? NO how about I hope all of your “tumbles” are met with a kiss (much better) and an OPEN BAR – even if it is only milk!