Mom’s Recipe Box

Gems of the past in the recipe box! I saw a receipt for a new well-drilled in 1950, a wedding picture, slides and of course hand written recipes. I wonder why Mom had all of this stuff in the recipe box? Some of them are cut out from a newspaper. Time capsule in a box!!

Long before the internet and recipes galore, there was the recipe box.

Mom had recipes from WAY back. Along with a few items that I found very interesting.

I was looking for a Christmas candy recipe that Mom use to make called “Mom’s Divinity”. It was from HER mother. I remember Mom always saying “You can’t make divinity when it is cloudy out.” We are expecting a storm later tonight so I am hoping to get some made for Christmas at church. Along with newspaper recipes, and some hand written cards even a typed one. I did it when we had just gotten a small portable typewriter. No, my typing hasn’t improved much. I found pictures, a receipt for my grandparents well. They lived in Englewood before their home went on the city water. In 1950’s the well ran dry. So they had someone come in and dig it down further. Several of the newspaper recipes are from 1960’s so the advertising on the other side of them are rather funny. I am hoping to see about scanning some to post here.

Mom had several “boxes” that seemed to have traveled with me to Kirk. Everything from pickled fish (EWWWW!) to a recipe for homemade play-doh! With my cooking skills (or lack there of!) I would probably mess up even the play-doh! Some with no title but looking at the ingredients I am not sure I want to try any of them. Venison seems to be popular in this particular box. Not fond of it my self. Mince meat recipe anybody? No? Yes, me either. I will keep them all but just looking at it makes me remember Mom and some of the things that she would try. I can’t say they were all successes but Dad always said they were delicious!

Not sure if this came as a set but it looks like it might have been a set.

Mom’s old recipe box was pretty much always around. The item next to it is a “napkin holder” which seemed only to be used when someone was coming to dinner or some times in the back yard. When we would barbecue. I was in charge of the napkins! Very prestigious job. It usually entailed folding paper towels into quarters and placing them in the rack. Very prestigious for a 7 to 10-year-old.  I remember one time we had some neighbors in to celebrate I think it was Dad’s birthday. Mom actually bought napkins, paper of course! But that made it just so much more than a party, it was a celebration worthy of REAL NAPKINS! WOW, we were really celebrating!

I never did find the recipes that I wanted. Yes, I had to look them up on the internet! The time I spent with Mom and Dad’s memories was well worth the time I spent just looking and feeling closer to them by just a little bit!

I am still trying to figure out the Well Drilling receipt! Just one more mystery of life.

May all of your recipes be with in your reach!