The Home Agency at Kirk’s Lions Club

They had me at COFFEE!!


20180129_184915We had an enjoyable evening on Monday Jan 29. We had been invited to a dinner sponsored by The Home Agency. The prime rib was delicious, I think that mine was a WHOLE COW! Not sure that the piece my brother ate had stopped mooing! Being the wonderful host/hostesses they even got me a dogie bag! I didn’t make it through the meat but I had room for desert!! It’s good to be an adult!


The menu of Prime Rib, potatoes, rolls and salad. The blessing preceded the dinner. I was happy to see that saying grace has not gone out of fashion. There are no pictures of it because I was praying.

The food was scrumptious! The meat was to everybody’s taste. I picked from the done and tender tray. The rest of our group elected to have the still mooing tray. Everybody was full and happy!


Teaching the next generation. I had a pretty lively discussion with my young friend on Legos.  Nice to hear that they are still the toy of choice!

We had fun talking with some of the people of the area. We found out that while solar isn’t that popular in the city, out here many have noticed that they are popping up and thinking they might like to check it out. I had a wonderful discussion with one of the men about solar. I got my facts wrong… first time for everything, right?



Our friend John helped save the day… or just the presentation with his computer knowledge. Thanks to BATMAN!! They also had some pretty serious SWAG!! The rain gauge was quickly jumped upon. Someone ran over ours last year with the riding mower! I pickup some very handsome work gloves. Calendars and much more were offered.

SCORE!!! Love me some SWAG!!

I have to give a shout out to the people responsible.   They were very professional and even though I didn’t understand much of what they said, several heads were nodding in agreement with the presentation.

Questions were asked and if they didn’t know the answer they spoke up and said they didn’t know. Answers were looked up and they gave the answer before the meeting was over. Phone numbers for after business hours were given so that everybody knew how to reach any and all of them for what ever might come up. Questions like “what is the wheat price?” the answer was promised by the end of the meeting. AND given by the end of the meeting.

Even though the farm/ranch I live on doesn’t have a crop cycle or that many cows, horses chickens or pigs. We were included just like if we were the best clients they had! I hope I get invited to go next year! By the way… my jacket size is 2XL… just saying!!