Should have…

 7:00 AM

It is Monday morning in the household here in Kirk. Silence is emanating from the top of the stairs to the bottom of the basement. Not a sound to be heard…

7:30 AM

Still as silent as can be. Why would this be note worthy I hear you asking? Well, the alarm that should have shattered this peaceful scene was supposed to have gone off 30 minutes ago…see 7:00AM

7:38 AM

Finally the calm and silence is broken by a pounding on my bedroom door. Harvey, my brother, is knocking asking what happened to the alarm. I don’t have any kind of answer but jump out of bed quickly, well as quickly as I can. I am yelling at the closed-door “Can you make coffee!?!?” The grunt I get in reply does little to assure me that the nectar of water over ground coffee will be waiting for me in the kitchen.

7:45 AM

I run out to the kitchen hoping that coffee will be the answer to my prayer… it isn’t! Not because Harvey forgot to make it but because the coffee maker is on but nothing is happening. Now if this had been a regular day I probably would have just rolled over and returned to sleep.

7:50 AM

I couldn’t believe it when the light was on but the coffee wasn’t even warm! I tried to pour it into the other pot but as you can see some it spilled all over the place.

After digging out the spare coffee pot. What you mean you don’t have a spare coffee pot? Everybody should have one. with me around, there is no question. SECOND POT is a necessity. This one has been under the cupboard since I moved in. THANK GOODNESS! Nobody should have to deal with me in a decaffeinated state!!

7:55 AM

OK, Harvey has gone over to get the car keys from Peter’s Dad. Giving me just enough time to brush my teeth throw on some clothes and slurp down some coffee – about three gulps. I couldn’t find a travel mug and I didn’t want to spill coffee in the car.

8:05 AM

Harvey is back grumbling about being late. He has a doctor’s appointment at 9:AM in Yuma – 40ish miles down the road. I also have a doctor’s appointment but it is later and I didn’t see making two trips.

8:45 AM

Pulling into the parking lot, I ask Harvey to drop me at the door. Walking isn’t really easy for me these days.

8:47 AM

I check to see what time my appointment is … NOON!!! Harvey comes through the doors and rushes up to the desk. He is about 10 mins early but that is ok.

8:49 AM

I settle in for what I am sure will be a long and tedious wait. I finally calm down and look at my feet… REALLY!! Well, at least they were both flats. Now I would have just taken off my shoes and walked around in my stocking feet (it is inside after all!) But the socks didn’t match either…


I really SHOULD have rolled over and gone back to sleep.

Just to be different. For today’s appointment I shocked everybody… not only my shoes but my SOCKS matched!!