Milking Done


Some of you may know that we have a milk cow. Her name is Bessie. On a good day anyway. We are pretty certain that she has a bun in the oven as we speak. We have been milking her everyday, then every three days. We are trying to give her some extra calories because it has been SO COLD! When we purchased her she had two duties

  1. grow a healthy calf.
  2. Eat so that she also has calories to maintain her health.

Then she had the calf. She then had two duties

  1. Keep herself healthy
  2. and provide milk. For her calf and us.

Now being pregnant her three duties that she needs to concentrate on.

  1. Keep herself healthy (warm)
  2. Grow another calf
  3. provide milk.

To me that is one too many duties. So we are trying to back off of milking. With it being so cold we decided that she might need the extra calories to protect her and her calf. I was told at one time that if the cow needs more calories to maintain health she will reabsorb the milk in her udder. I think that is what happened. The picture is what we got today. I was trying to make her a little more comfortable. Experience has taught me that having full teats is rather painful.

From the color of her “milk” I am thinking that we are done until she gets ready to calf next spring. I guess I need to so some research to make sure I am right. I wouldn’t be happy if it is something else and I didn’t know it.

Yep, she needs all the calories she can get. She is looking a little thin for a Mom-to-be again!