Seed house underway!! It only took two years!!

Saw this tree on my way out to the “seedhouse” site. it seems to be budding out early. OK, yes that is my shadow…need more photography classes!
Yep, even out here we need to be smart about digging. Thank goodness they put these in before doing the solar panels. Stake once dig two separate plans!



we have the lumber!


we have the land!

Yes we have the tools… for me anyway. A chair and a measuring stick. I get to set and watch the really big tools work. I get to measure how deep to put the posts into the ground and how far to cut into the posts for the stringers!


The guys seemed to have the heavy equipment in tow. Stakes pulled holes drilled.

Now I just hope the snow holds off for a while. My body said it is time to get off the ground and go inside. I don’t think the snow will wait seems to be getting rather chilly out!


Well, I am done for today. Not as far as we wanted but far enough for today!!

Harvey just got back from stalking us up just in case!! Watch the weather for the Northeastern part of Colorado!!