Can you change a tire?

I answered this question on Facebook. Now I think about it, I think it deserves it’s own page. So here goes… One more story!!


I had a job that the REQUIRED dress code was hose, suits and heels. I had a little red car a Chevy Cavalier. I knew that some of my tires were, lets just say not in peak condition. But having to buy suits to work IN didn’t leave much for car expenses. So having a flat shouldn’t have been such a shock.

flattireinthe rain


it was pouring rain,


it was dark


I had neither coat or umbrella!

Anybody called Steven Spielberg yet?? It just had to happen at the worst possible time. In my defense it had been sunny and clear when I WENT TO work. But give it 8-10 hours and things change. I think that the rain must have had something to do with the flat. So I am fishing around in the back of my car (hatch back) for a tire iron, spare and jack. (What Jack was doing in my car I have no clue! I just crack myself up!)

I had found all of the items and had propped up the new tire up on the bumper and trying to figure out which side the jack went on. Standing in the pouring rain, I had already run my hose and one shoe had lost the heel – it fell off when I was kicking the flat tire – don’t judge!! OH, and the makeup I had applied so diligently that morning was running down my face. I was angry. More so at my self than anybody else. My Dad had said about a week before “Chrissy, your tires a looking pretty bad.” Now from this I was to discern that new tires need to be purchased?!?! OK, knowing my Dad. That was as clear as his warnings got. I guess I needed someone to take me by the hand and lead me to the tire store. Did I mention paying for the tires would have been nice.

On with the story. This old guy, he must have been at least 60, and his wife had seen me on the other side of the highway. They went to the exit and turned around to help me. When he asked I looked at him and said, with all the dignity I could muster (wet, cold, broken shoe, run hose AND make up that looked like a deranged clown!). “No I can do it.” He got out of his car and at least he had a coat on. His wife had an umbrella, she came and took me to her nice warm car.

“You might as well give in. He drove a tow truck for years. He could do that tire in his sleep!” She was right of course. “All dressed up and no where to go”. Looking back I am not sure if she was talking about me or herself. She was “tutting” over my ruined suit. Which meant that the tires would have to be cheap!

His wife was right, he had it done before the heat even seeped into my bones! I got out of his car and took the umbrella his wife offered and limped back to my car. He was under the hood. He checked my oil – quart low – Shocker! Got anti-freeze out of his trunk and filled my over flow tank. Wiggled my battery cable and his “Have a good evening!” started to walk back to his car. I offered to pay him but he and his wife said nothing doing. They even let me keep the umbrella. I am not sure that they didn’t think I might need it later in some future catastrophe. Thing always seem to happen at the worst possible time!

I got into my little care took off the suit jacket – it was ruined and the pantyhose were never going to be worn again. But I did manage to get the shoes fixed. “God Bless those souls that help us puny mortals.” I read that somewhere, and now can’t remember where. It fits the situation.

I had a friend Linda Farley  who posted on Facebook “Thank God for Angeles”. Yes Linda you are so right. As an ending. I made it home Dad made me take Mom’s car and he went down and got tires. That I paid for. Kind of like penance. The one that had been changed was thread bare. I guess I didn’t think to look…