Best years of my life?



Thanks to the internet and in no small part Facebook, I have now connected with more people than I can remember.

One I do remember was a lady I went to school with. I connected with her not through Facebook or even use of the internet! She had a son going to the same grade as my son. We had taken our kids to some function that brought up memories. After talking about who we had seen since High School, who was still alive and to some extent the people we wanted to connect with. When she asked me a rather strange question. “Was High School the best years of your life?”


Remembering back to being FAT, zit faced and rather awkward my answer came out rather bluntly “OH, HELL NO!”

Her conversation then made it down the road of “When I was IN high school. Everybody said it was the best years of my life!”

Being just three years compared to the 30 some years that had transpired, I was a little confused. “Really? I can’t imagine who would have said it that way!”


But for me the better time was the time I spent with my son as an infant. Most of my 20’s were spent in having fun, my thirties with my son, forties getting a grip on cancer treatments, fifties sorting out the disaster left by a reverse mortgage. That is another story….

Englewood High School – CLASS of ’75!! Go Pirates!

Yes I admit having some fun in high school. Yes, my grades would have been better if I hadn’t had such a good time, but that is what  high school is for! Driving for the first time alone! Going to football games, selling donuts for FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) and being a timer for the swim team, the male swim team. Those of you who know me will be amused at that. But in high school I was even too shy to look beyond the hand that touched the wall and clicking the stop watch. Friends I had seem to have drifted away over the years. Until Facebook that is. I even remember getting a job with a guy that had graduated with us. His name was Michael Pattersen, I think. The one I remember was tall and blonde. This guy was short and really dark hair. When I asked him about it he said that yes he had graduated with me. Wow, who would have guessed? Two kids the same name. OH, let us not forget those wonderful nights T.P ing houses and just cruising by the house of our latest crush.  Ding dong ditch was also present in my high school years. I think now we would have been categorized as stalkers!! Glad we didn’t get arrested!

Facebook has brought some of them back. Some I don’t remember from school but they are friends on Facebook. So all in all I think of high school as getting ready for the “real” world. OK, maybe not such a good job at getting me ready, but that too is another story altogether. OH, one more thing came out of high school and the internet. One lady didn’t have the correct “Englewood” and signed up on our site. She is one of my Facebook Friends! Odd but true.