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The plastic cupboard is being taken over by the plastic bag MONSTER, Every time we go to open the door more bags fall out, along with the new ones I am attempting to put in. Today is the day! Plastic bags watch out!

The effort of the bags is formidable, but I will rally the troupes and push on!! OK, maybe not exactly what I was thinking. The plastic bag monster has a few tricks up it’s (sleeve!?) or handle.

All is lost the brown paper army has arrived. Some rouge cans and utensils have been liberated.  What to do, what to do?!?! The plastic monster must have called for reinforcements!

OK, in a last ditch effort I have corralled at least part of the opposing army in brown boxes. What to do with the boxes now. One step at a time. cupboard cleared… now what to do with the defeated army!

I don’t know about you but I think I have been watching my son Peter and his friend John playing video a little too much. The games they play on the play station seem to be rubbing off on me!

I think I may be in a little trouble. Does anybody out there have a pattern for using “PLARN” I just have trouble reconciling cutting up plastic shopping bags, turning them into “plarn”  just to spend time crocheting them into, what else? Plastic shopping BAGS!! Just in case you don’t know. Plarn is plastic yarn made when you cut up plastic shopping bags into strips.

Well, let me know if you have any better ideas. I am running low on creativity these days!


One thought on “DIY… HELP!!

  1. You could always bring them to the Food Bank. We are ALWAYS in need of bags. Love you, Anna



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