Happy Father’s Day!

Was there anybody who didn’t get their picture taken in this style? During the 80’s, 90’s and some still today. I found several things in my delve into boxes. Some I remember but for the most part… I am clueless. This was taken at Cinderella City.


For anybody who doesn’t know these are my parents. I am not sure what prompted them to take the picture. Maybe their 25th Anniversary? I don’t remember the occasion but I do remember my Dad taking the cane and walking up and down the blue mall while Mom and I got “gussied up”. The hat and the cane seemed to bring out the performer in him. Maybe that is where my oldest brother got it? I know I NEVER had anything like that in my background! Once the hat was on his head – just like frosty the snow man – he began to dance around. Can’t you tell by the jaunty way it is on his head? His jacket was just a tie on but he really made it come to life. When we got there there was no one waiting. By the time we left, after his performance around the fountain. There was a line of 4 or 5. Some older guys looked like they wanted to do the same thing. And we had such a time just trying to get the hat back from Dad!! He offered to buy it but the guy wouldn’t sell, Darn. Funny what memories come back through pictures. The guy taking pictures let him run wild while he got Mom and me picture perfect! Funny how seeing someone enjoy them selves is contagious. Not saying that Dad made a great advertisement… Oh, to hell with it. DAD made a great advertisement.

I have taken a few of these photos. Some with Friends. Some with family. I can remember my Son and I had one taken in Idaho Springs. But this one is the one I will at least try to remember till my dying day.

Mom looks rather like she felt on that day. She told dad he was being silly. The photographer told him to enjoy it. AND he did. But the guy still wanted the hat and cane back. Bummer!