80’s hair

I saw a posting about the “Big Hair Era” It made me laugh and remember an incident I had in the 80’s.

fairy queen
Nope this wasn’t the opera but I always had a bit of performer in me!!

I had a roommate for a while in the 80’s. Well maybe not roommate I rented out his basement. I had gotten a part in an opera as a people prop. One night I had just gotten in and I was going down the stairs when I heard him ask me to come meet his new girl. I still had make-up and hair from the stage. I told them before I came into the room. “Now don’t freak out. This isn’t my normal look.” Thinking that I had given them fair warning. I came upstairs. When what to my wondering eyes should appear (oops sorry wrong season!). This girl was sitting on the couch with hair bigger than mine. I actually thought she had a wig or a dog on her head! It was huge I am amazed that she could get it through the doorway. Her make-up was even more glittery than mine. And mine was suppose to be seen from the “cheap seats”! I started laughing the poor girl didn’t know what I was laughing at so I tried to pass it off as just post performance nerves. The roommate however was a little bit more than upset with me. But you can only hold laughter in so long!!

I am sure you have seen this picture before, yes this is the make up and hair – well you really can’t see all of the hair but it was HUGE!!!

My Friend Doris and I would always go to the wife of one of the guys we use to work with. When we thought our hair was getting a little too small. She would put a perm in and we would be good for a while… “BIG HAIR RULES!” just kidding I just wish I had that much hair now!!