Roseanne Roseannadanna


After a migraine yesterday I got up and found a coffee cup just sitting on the table. Now I know that it might not sound too devastating. However I am trying to make sure that everyone at least puts their dishes in the sink. Sort of like trying to train a puppy not to pee on the carpet. So when I saw the cup, I called a meeting. The four of us standing around the table looking at the offending coffee cup.

I put on my best “Mom” face while pointing at it. I got a really confused look and three shrugged shoulders. I regaled them AGAIN with the please be kind, put it in the sink lecture. After I had ended my little rant. I picked up the cup (Mostly because no one else would!). Thinking that what ever had been in the cup would tell me who had left it there. Knowing that if it was any kind of soda Harvey or Peter would be the culprits.

Imagine the shock when I found the remanence of Ranch Coffee (enough milk to drain a cow and enough sugar to choke a horse) in the bottom of the cup. Now would be a good time to tell you that I am the ONLY ONE that drinks coffee here. Harvey is Diet Coke, Peter is Mountain Dew or Cream Soda.  I gave my best SNL Roseanne Roseannadanna impression. “Oh, never mind!” If you are too young to remember, ask your parents or even your GRANDPARENTS! 20171228_092556