Daily Duties… of sorts

OK, don’t you just hate those days! I made coffee and turning the pot on. I go about my daily duties.

Her Highness is waiting patiently waiting for her breakfast served in her room. I call it her room but she lets me sleep in there.


20171217_092719 (1)
Her Highness patiently waiting… Those eyes are just saying “WE are NOT AMUSED!” 
As I get closer she thinks she might need a little help getting my attention. Circling her plate.
OK, no more hints…. MEOW!! Means feed me NOW!!












Of course one duty on the top of my list is FEED THE CAT!! But at least I got coffee made before she started her demands. I tear open the packet of her “moist” cat food. She has really bad teeth (Which I can’t afford to get fixed!) I try to make sure she at least can eat decently. The water is poured fresh daily from the bathroom faucet. So after getting dressed in the cat’s room and making sure she has enough water and that she likes the choice of today menu. I head right for the kitchen knowing that coffee will be waiting me.

As you may know we had a rather scary incident. The smoke coming from the kitchen wasn’t from my latest cooking disaster. It was from the halogen light being too close to a bundle of cheese cloth.



Someone, some dirty rotten scoundrel decided it would be a good idea to unplug the damn COFFEE POT!!! Not saying it isn’t a good idea but don’t you think SOMEONE should have told me? I flipped on the switch and assumed that it would brew that wonderful concoction of my morning coffee. Well, at least Her Highness got her breakfast on schedule. I am now waiting for the nectar of the coffee bean. I wonder if I just chew the grounds????