Today the “Daily Prompt” was meager. I looked deep into my soul and searched for a “meager”ness in my world. The only meager I can come up with is my cooking skills.

Mad scientist has a laboratory… I have a kitchen just as deadly!

With my meager cooking skills I will transform some plain egg whites, corn syrup and a little salt into marshmallow nirvana! (insert maniacal laugh here!) Or not!

Side story…. my meager did not  extended to a halogen lamp on top of the convection oven. The next picture will show you just how meager my knowledge is.

Yes, it is scorched. Badly!

I had smelled something burning and went into the kitchen I checked the stove, microwave and the dishwasher. Nothing. I thought I was just having a “smell” malfunction. When my son Peter came up and asked what was burning I told him that I had checked but couldn’t find anything. His friend John then saw smoke from the back of the convection oven. It was the cheese cloth we were going to use to make cheese.

Thank the Lord, and John. I am not sure but I can’t think that Peter’s Dad wouldn’t be too happy if we had to tell him “Sorry, we burned your house down!”

Meanwhile back at the marshmello experiment: Meager knowledge put to the test!!



Well, it looked like marshmellow “Fluff”. I guess that when the recipie called for vanilla extract I should have gone to the store and gotten it. I in my vast skill decided that since this was an experiment I could just go with what I had. “Mint” marshmellow anybody? I was trying this because I couldn’t find the big jars of marshmellow creme at the store. I use it to make fudge…. well how about pepperment/chololate fudge… Anybody?!? Yep, yet another epic fail in my kitchen.

At least I didn’t burn the house down… Gotta take the good where I can! Even in a meager amount!!