Cousin Karaoke… with my cousin Judy.

As I was sitting here by the computer checking my blog “Stats” and getting really depressed. I saw on the internet the typical “Cousins” meme. Does anybody actually know what a meme is? OK, back to the topic. I was cleaning out Peter’s car when we still lived in Englewood. There was a black SUV pulled up next to the car I was cleaning. A guy with dark sunglasses pulled up and said “Chrissy?” I am thinking I haven’t done anything (lately) and I think the statute of limitations has expired on most of them any way. Men in Black? FBI? NCIS?? I was hoping for the last one but this guy didn’t look anything like Gibbs!


Digital Camera
The look anybody out side of family gets when they call me “Chrissy”!

This would be a good time to tell you the only people who are allowed to call me Chrissy is family! So I knew he had to be related somewhere. He took off the glasses and said “It’s me, Johnny!” So as you can tell yes we all got the family “nickname” that we pray doesn’t follow us to our adult life. I hadn’t seen him in years and although I hadn’t changed since high school, he did look a little older.

Aunts Uncles and cousins. Great time! 

He said he was in the neighborhood and was going to see if we still lived there. Yep, we were there. I asked him in for a cup of coffee, but he was on his way to a business meeting. I remember him as the tall skinny guy that ran in the hose with us and his sister Sharon. Now he is a high power business guy. Not sure what he does but that is ok. He is still my cousin! I do have a picture around here somewhere of two kids sitting in a washtub. They are my brother and cousin Charlene. It will not be posted here… Just to keep the peace! I am not even sure if I know which kid is which!

Since this meeting his sister, stepdad and Mom had all passed so I am not sure when I will see him again. It seems funny family is family no matter how long between visits and no matter how old we get we will still be called by our “nickname”. Like my Brother Ron… that is a whole nother story.