Grassroots Christmas

We had the pleasure of attending the yearly celebration at the Grassroots Community center.

As the guests started arriving volunteers shifted from  preparation to serving.

Christmas decorations, good cheer and helpful hands were all in abundance!

20171211_120025 (1)
What is Christmas without the typical red AND green?!?!

Now Santa may have an army of elfs but they have nothing on the volunteers from Joe’s Kirk, Cope, Yuma and Burlington!

They may not have visions of sugar plumbs dancing in their heads, but the desert table was heavy in the SUGAR part!!

One other thing was in abundance was the friendship of old and new friends!

These guys can’t be friends… they are married!! Just kidding they seem to have organized this luncheon with precision born of many times working together!

Thank you to all of the voulenteers! The lunch was lasagna, green beans, Garlic bread and salad. The service was as impeccable as the food itself.

Guess what else? Well, men and cards and time to kill…

Don’t throw away that card!! Too late… no wonder they didn’t ask me to play!
Wow, turned around and the card group grew!!

All in all a wonderful time was had by all… At least I enjoyed it! I hope they ask me again next year!

Merry Christmas


Friendship to all!!