Internet recipe… AGAIN!!!


NO, Norman Bates has not moved into the kitchen. Not even Charles Manson! I have been invited to the “old folks” Christmas do at the community center. So I decided to try and make the desert, at least once before unleashing it on the to the “Old Folks” around here.

As you can see it wasn’t a total success. Making it pretty hard to swallow. But that never stopped me before!! I didn’t let the jello get “SET” before adding in the whipped topping and cream cheese. In my defense it was in a REALLY SMALL print. OK, never mind I will just chalk it up to another internet fail. I wonder what to take for desert now??

Well that will be tomorrow. For now it is a sponge and soapy water. I don’t want anybody coming in and thinking I have killed someone in my kitchen. I haven’t YET!! MAAAUUUU. Wow, sound effects really don’t play well in type! We are all here alive and well, for the most part! Hopefully I can come up with another idea before luncheon tomorrow!!

Come into my parlour said the spider to the fly…..