Preg check…not for the squeamish.

I thought it was gross just having to give a urine sample for my pregnancy check. This makes that seem like sipping “Hi Tea”!

Yes that is exactly what you think it is… maybe mixed with a little MUD!

My brother Harvey went to a neighboring place to help keep the cattle moving on Preg check Friday! Head ’em up and move ’em out, Rawhide, I followed along to take pictures. From a distance.

I didn’t exactly get yelled at. It didn’t dawn on me that if I stood on the wrong side of the “chute” not only was I casting a shadow but the cow could see me and wouldn’t come near where they were to be. I figured this out just about the time “GET OUT of the way! You can’t stand there!” rang in my ears. Further pictures were from the other side of the chute.

OK, remember that little cup I was lamenting earlier? No big thing according to these cows. I am talking about shots, having a camera shoved up your “WHOOOHAA!” and last but by no means least, spray paint on your butt!! Open 2 years in a row got an X pregnant got a free ride on the spray paint. One even got a “?” on her. Not sure what that means. I couldn’t get picture because I didn’t want to interfere. Did I forget to mention the hair cut? Some of the cows had been tagged (ear tag with number) and it had been a while so the hair had grown over it. No cape or small talk just sissors and yep can see the number. She is DONE.

The cup doesn’t seem so bad now. Preg checking on me came in the way of a nice office. OK, stirrups not so nice but a whole different ball game from here!

So 180 cows were checked and over 80% were good (pregnant). Peter and his Dad have about 5 cows. They were all “good”. We are pretty sure that Bessie (Milk cow) is pregant  but didn’t want to put her in with the beef cows. They have a tendency to be rather rough and she is a Jersey (Smaller breed of cow). DAMN I even sounded like I know what I am talking about there. We are pretty sure she is pregnant anyway either that or we are grossely over feeding her! Hoping for a heffer calf in the spring. That way we will have two dairy cows… on our way to dairy stardom!

For the “Mothers to be” a trip to the corn field will be their reward for letting someone shove a camera up their “WhooHaa”. Hoping this means a healthy calf in the spring.

Just a little side note I am feeling very knowledgeable. I went to the feed store to get cat food for the barn cats. I asked if I could put up some business cards for my blog. Can’t pass on the chance to have a “Shameless blog Promotion” The guy said “Sure you can put up your business card. But what is a blog?” Tried to explain that it was just a place where I write stories and post pictures on the internet. I hope he visits my blog. I need all the readers I can get!

Just to let you all know Harvey (brother #2) decided to challenge a cow (about 2000 lbs worth and the steel gate. He has a finger just about as purple as can be. He can still move it. The offending digit is still warm and I don’t know exactly they can do for a broken finger, maybe a splint? Wouldn’t you know it, it is his “Social” finger. If he gets a splint on it he will be flipping the entire world off!! So this time around the cow “WON!”