Dating Days… mine.


I went to college – I know shocking isn’t it? I have a little piece of paper telling me I have an Associates of Fine Arts Degree. My “Smart Paper” hasn’t done me any good. I wonder if they have a degree in dating? must be int the psych department!!

I was rummaging around in some boxes trying to find some important papers I came across some stories I wrote back in the day. I had an English Writing teacher who thought I was funny. I had to do an assignment of a journal. Mine was SHORT!! But here I will post it and you can tell how really old it is.

Chris’s Journal

Another English class another Journal. (The teacher wrote in red “I AGREE! She was funny too!!) What to write about ?!?! Maybe the Monica and Bill, No too over done. Just ask Hillary!, The war in Kosovo – too depressing. Besides doesn’t that guy remember what happen to Hitler? OK, let’s look closer to home. Maybe the Rockies training camp? Yea right, like I would know anything about that! The morning traffic? The working mother? (WOW talk about REALLY depressing!) The care of parents and children, I think that is called the sandwich generation? Nope still depressing. Let’s see if I can’t find an upbeat topic.

Got IT!!

Dating in middle age. Now you have to realize the last date I was on was about 3 years ago but the “fun” has remained in my memory (seared into my brain!) First of all the wonderful terrifying first date, for teenagers it is ok to be freighted and awkward but for middle age you are to be sophisticated and grown up! After spending about 6 hours trying to find something to wear for a 2 hour date, we move on to the make up and hair. all the guy has to do is show up in jeans and a polo shirt! Then of course comes the what to order for dinner – never order spaghetti, ribs, garlic, onions or too much food on a first date! I know that it seems silly but for some reason if you order spaghetti no matter how careful it always makes its way to the front of what you are wearing (usually white, of course!) Ribs and finger food are always too messy for a first date you have to wait until at least the 4th or 5th date when you are more comfortable. Having to wipe sauce off of your check takes a little more comfort level than a first date. Guys never seem to notice what they have on their face, shirt, beard. Onions and garlic have got to be saved until after the “I Do’s” because heaven forbid that one of you eat it and the other one doesn’t!

I think that my last first date will well and truly be my last. We dated for a couple of months and even talked about marriage. But he had to move to Idaho and I was not that sure of a commitment to warrant dragging my son and myself off to another state, just to avoid another first date! I don’t think so! I do feel that there is a reason for a lot of marriages – just to avoid another first date! Just imagine getting married so that neither one of you has to have another first date! Most of the first date I have been on have been a group affair, you know some one you know has “Mr. Wonderful” ” just right for you” “you two will be so great together!” So they drag you along with their current flame (OK I almost used the lust word) so you spend the evening trying to convince yourself that you can at least tolerate the guy. This as you are dragged into the lady’s room with your well-meaning friend to get your reaction, you try to come up with enough words for mediocre. “He seems to be really nice” means “This guy and milk toast would make a good couple”.

When the end of the evening comes and your friends intends to spend the night with her date you have to try to figure out how you can be taken home, without having to invite the guy in. If your friend and her guy drop you off that will make the guy have to sit through their amorous actions until he gets back to his car or house. If the guy has actually met you there and they picked you up (just to make you would come – virgin sacrifice anybody!?). and counted on him taking you home. Then you face the wonderful “to kiss or not to kiss” that is the question. What if you actually liked him more than he liked you and HE is trying to make run for it? What do you say “Yes, I had a nice evening. We should do it again sometime.” and of course he answers “Yes, we should.” leaving the ambiguous “WHEN’  in the air. You don’t want to push but sometimes the guy is a bit pushier with “We could continue it now!” BIG RED flag, get out the flashing lights and sirens! How could your friend think that his guy “Mr. Nice Guy” was right for you!? I guess teen age dating has one big thing over middle age dating. When you were a teenager there was always someone to flip on the porch light and give the “Date is OVER” signal. Now days most guys think the signal is the alarm clock!

OK, I have gotten my three pages of my “Journal of dating” done. enough for this week, I hope! Not bad for starting off with no topic. Maybe by next week I can actually come up with something to write about!

Teachers note: I loved your topic this past week – your journal makes me smile!

I have to say that it was fun remembering that piece. I got an A++ for topic, D- for mechanic’s and grammar!

OK, I know you will find it hard to believe but this reminded me of a lady on our block. When they were talking about how they met their husbands. She married a guy that she had met just once. He called on the party line and said “We are going out this afternoon and bring your Mother. We are getting married.” When I asked her what she said “Well, I couldn’t think of a reason not to so I did.” Now that is going WAY OUT to never have another first date!! They stayed married until he passed away, So some things happen for the right reason.