Daily prompt today is relocate. When I saw it I almost couldn’t get to the story quick enough. RELOCATE?!?! I am all over this one. When I was living with my parents and raising a son I had no clue what the future held in store. Which is probably a GOOD thing! After both parents passed the reverse mortgage came due. Now I don’t know of anybody who can just pull $250,000.00 out of their pocket. So it became time to face the cold hard truth of being homeless. Well, not exactly homeless but I know I needed to find somewhere else to live.

Remember the TV series called “Green Acres”? I am in the 2017 version of it! I am on disability so I needed to find CHEAP housing. In Colorado that isn’t easy to find. So I went further afield. I guess I thought Colorado ended at DIA (Denver International Airport). Guess what … IT DOESN’T! I moved to a little town called Haxtun. It had a pop of just over 1000. Then came Kirk, Colorado, pop 58. In Englewood (suburb of Denver) I probably had 58 people in my block!! Culture shock in the extreme!

From City Girl to Country Woman!

If you remember that before the “Kardashians” there were the “Gabors” Eva and I might not have a lot in common. I haven’t put on my diamonds to go to Druckers Grocery or had Arnold the pig over for high tea. But I can assure you that the laughter is here.

Kirk Acres is the place to be!!


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