Mystery of undone chores!


Today’s word prompt is mystery. WOULD you believe it I have a story about that too!! I continue to amaze my self!!

So before I get to the actual story let me just put a little bit of a background for you. I am the only girl with three brothers. Once they got the perfect girl they stopped trying! Did I happen to mention I also crack myself up! A LOT!!

I don’t know about everybody, but we had a frequent visiter at our home. The mystery culprit was called Mr. Nobody (because you know a sweet little GIRL wouldn’t do that!!) He came around when anybody did something or forgot to do something that they were suppose to do. See if this sounds familiar to anybody:

Mom: “Who did (List latest infraction here)?”

We were all lined up and at this point our eyes would open wide (ON CUE) and all of us would not admit to any wrong doing.

Kids in unison: “No, not me I would never (repeat infraction).”

I like to call it our “butter wouldn’t melt in our mouths” expression.

Mom’s get kind of SMART after a while. She first started NOT blaming any ONE of us. Then she got a little older and a little smarter (don’t we all?). She would start punishing ALL of us. Mr. Nobody got us “Grounded” , extra chores (remember them?) and even sent to our rooms! No TV in the room, no internet, no games. Not even a phone!! Wow we really were primitive! Part of the mystery is how we survived those primitive times!! I am so funny!!

After a while Mom seemed to come up with “Mr. Nobody”. He got us into all sorts of trouble. He would go around the house making messes and not putting anything away. From the dishwasher to the cushions on the couch, Mr. Nobody was in full force.

Guess WHAT?!?! That sneaky little bugger followed me all the way out here!! Evidenced by the state of my KITCHEN!! I know he has to be the one, Harvey and Peter swear that they didn’t make such a mess.

Yesterday was a bad day for me. I suffer from migraines. So I didn’t make it into the kitchen much. But this morning I came in and found:


After interrogating the suspects it was clear. The answer to this mystery was… Dun, Dun, Dun…(Sound effects don’t play well in print”)… “MR. NOBODY” was at it again with his despicable brand of chaos. I thought he would be too old for this stuff…I know I am!

OH CRAP!! I just realized that because I have posted this picture I will now have to CLEAN!!

more pictures later…..much, much, much later!!

I hope you all enjoy Mr. Nobody’s visits to your house as much as I enjoy having him here.

Now I just have to find a way to get him to either leave or pick up his messes….NAH, I think he is here for a while.

Well that is as clean as it is getting today!

From the kitchen I was then confronted by his work in the dinning/living room!! NOOOO

If I don’t post this picture I won’t have to clean it right?!? Isn’t that a law somewhere?

You knew I was going to didn’t you? well, it gives me a reason to clear off the table anyway, after a piece of cake I think!

Mr. Nobody had better bring a MAID service with him the next time he visits!!