Blood and guts!!

With Thanksgiving a memory – until you step on the scales! I wanted to share what I am sure will become yet another family story.

My son, Peter, was here with a friend. Peter’s Dad cooked the turkey (See guest of honor!). Peter’s Dad, John, had sent the turkey over with Peter.

Turkey a la beer can.

As John started to carve the turkey, he was passing on to Peter some of the finer points of carving a turkey. You know, cut close to the breast bone, cut the legs at the joint. All of that stuff. Watch what you are doing with the electric knife, would have been good to say right about now. I was in the kitchen putting finishing touches on the rest of the dinner when I heard some rather odd language from the dinning room. Yep, the master carver tried to carve himself along with the turkey. I asked if he needed a band-aid (trying franticly to think if I even had such a thing!). He said “No, it isn’t that bad.” He dabbed a little blood on the napkins (Paper towel!) and went on carving.

When I sat down at the table I saw a funny look on Peter’s friend (Who is also named John!) I looked in the direction he was shrinking away from and saw …. pause for dramatic effect! BLOOD not from an underdone turkey but the finger that had prompted such language before the carving had started. My son saw it at the same time I did. His low whisper wasn’t quite as quiet as he thought. “Dad, you are bleeding more than you think!” The carver quickly lifted his hand and found that yes indeed he had almost dripped on the breast meat of the turkey.

Now there was no question that sucker is getting a band-aid – no if ands or buts!! A quick search of the turkey guaranteed that it han’t actually made it that far. I think John was embarrassed but like we told him. With out stories like this family reunions would be very boring! Next year let us skip the blood and just dig into the turkey!!