I have to admit that today’s “word prompt” is just slightly on my nerve. I see that yes, I am getting to an age when things that worked perfectly well are now in need of a more effort.

I know that I am luckier than some. Not as lucky as others. But I always seem to be finding new and unusual things that my body does. “What was that noise?” “OH, it is just my (fill in any body part!) Cracking,” Sound familiar? If I ever wake up with nothing hurting I will know I am dead. But at least I wake up!

My hopes, dreams and goals seem to be replaced by should have, would have and could have s. Not that I am sorry for much but everybody says “If I knew then what I know now!!” I have to admit – Nope would have done it anyway!!

Friday nights thru the ages (MY ages)!!


20’s – who has the best (cheapest!) happy hour? Dancing so good and looking so fine! No better way to spend my time!!


30’s – who is hanging out at Dimples (local bar) Friends and drinking. What better way to spend my time?


40’s – what time is the kids’ games, meetings etc? Raising a son. What better way to spend my time?


50’s – No can’t tonight have a doctor’s appointment in the morning. Taking care of me. What better way to spend my time?


60’s Wonderful memories! Well. this will be a time of wishing I was younger and richer. I am too old for the clubs and too young for a nursing home. Well, the horses are fed, the sun is ALMOST down….must be bed time!! Maybe not SO young for the nursing home!! Memories and family.  What better way to spend my time?