via Daily Prompt: ZooZoo

Elephant on the left loving Mom on the right. Easily confused. I am glad Peter has a sense of humor like mine! Read and laugh along with us!

Daily Prompt is supposed to stimulate writers to write stories. Well, even with my prolific pile of stories, some times even I need a little bit of a push. AND GUESS WHAT – yep, I have a zoo story! You should have known – I have a story for almost every occasion. So far anyway!

Peter and I went to the zoo. He must have been all of 7 or 8. We decided that renting a wagon was a good idea, at first! I have to say pulling Peter in the wagon was pretty one-sided. I asked him if he wanted to pull me and he said sure! Knowing full well that he wouldn’t be able to pull me too far. I sat on the wagon, side-saddle. I have to say he gave it a good effort. I was pushing a little with my feet but he seemed not to notice so I didn’t say anything, until… We had made it maybe 8 or 9 feet. Poor guy was trying hard and I was laughing, which made him try even harder. When we made it as far as I thought was enough I said “OK, lets both sit in the wagon for a while.” His agreement was taken for granted. We sat in the wagon in front of the elephant enclosure. Probably not the best place but it was handy!

He looked at the elephant his statement of “If I can pull you I can surely pull an elephant!” OK, not a very flattering comparison but most of the people around had a good chuckle. I laughed and said we might not want to put it to a test. When the zoo wagon train was on the go again I was the one doing the pulling.

We had to leave the wagon outside the snake and reptile house. They had a little corral that we used to park the wagon. When we came back out (quickly I assure you!) our wagon was gone along with the lunch we had gotten. I didn’t know what to do but I told Peter that we would just have to get some more lunch. He was crushed. screaming and crying about “HIS” wagon. “You paid for that wagon and someone stole it!”

Trying to explain that paying for a rental was different from purchasing it. The food was another story, but I explained that someone – maybe a zoo employee – might have thought we were done with the wagon. The fit that ensued made sure that the next lunch we purchased was on the way HOME!

The zoo wagon episode was quickly forgotten as we went to a drive through. However Peter couldn’t wait to tell everybody that he had pulled me in the wagon and “I bet I could have pulled one of those elephants!” laughter ensued. He wasn’t sure why but we all had a laugh. Hope you do too!!