Gremlins… They are REAL!!!

Not the movie kind… don’t feed after midnight, don’t let them get wet. NO I am talking about almost every CAR I have ever owned! I may not be the most mechanical person in the world but REALLY!!! How can so many things go so wrong when I am driving! I owned a “Rambler Marlin” a quirky car with a lot of personality! But I just don’t understand why it was always breaking down. Have you EVER tried to get a part or a repair for a “Marlin”? Personality yes, but they only made it for like two years!! So spare parts were really not an option. When it gently “Kissed” the back of a van (Not MY fault! I don’t care what the police report said!!) Trying to get a radiator and have it installed cost more than the price of the car! So Merlin the Marlin was taken to the crusher… DAMN those pesky gremlins!!


Then came an Audi I am not even sure of the model or year. But GREMLINS struck there too!! It would run perfectly for a while and then just die! Those gremlins got into the fuel line! I had a friend check it out and change all of the fuel filters and hoses. Fine for a while then DEAD, WHILE I was driving! I would have to pull over, get out, unhook the fuel hose and blow into it. Then I would smell like gas. Gremlins…. nasty little creatures. They loved to it in the middle of traffic. Do you know how many times I had to get out and blow into that line!?!? Well, enough was enough. I sold it for scrap because I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it and it was a menace. It left me on the Boulder turnpike!! Gremlins…. I just know it!!


Now when my brother Ron left for the military he left me his car – For emergency purposes. Well, they got in there too!! It was a Vega. Those little gremlins knew I didn’t know about water and oil! The Vega had an aluminum block. It was supposed to be lighter and better than the old type. Well, those little gremlins made sure that when my brother came back from Germany all he got was a paper weight!! Well, it did make it to Oregon, with oil being added about every 10 miles!

1971 Chevrolet Vega Coupe.jpg

Gremlins AGAIN!! How could all that happen with out an explanation of GREMLINS!! Not the cute cuddly kind like Gizmo but the mean ugly kind like Stripe. That is my story and I am STICKING to it!!!

My current ride…. GREMLINS STAY AWAY!! I have a cow and I am not afraid to use her!! She has already kicked me twice and I am a lot bigger than a GREMLIN!!!