A word. An action. A blank computer screen. I guess everyone who writes wants to be the next Hemingway or J. K. Rowling. Well, I wouldn’t mind the paycheck that comes with Harry Potter or the booze that comes with Hemmingway. But I think I will just try to make people like me. The old lady who writes.

A snippet is a small piece or a brief extract. As pointed out to me by “OK, Google!” So let’s settle on a small piece of humor. I found a charge on my debit card. Not a snippet amount, well maybe to some but not to me! I have spent most of the day trying to find how to get my money back. OK, snippet sidebar – $49.95 at least a weeks groceries! I only had one recourse that is to cancel the card and have them send me a new one! I JUST got the card number memorized. Really?!?! Now not only do I face an indeterminate time fighting with the U S Direct people but the Newspaper and Ads that made the charge. I don’t even know who they are! AND I have to memorize another number, at my age not an easy thing to do!

So as I sit here looking out a very dirty window. I wonder who would have made the charge to my card. I am voting for a gremlin or maybe a house elf! OK, just had to mention Doby. He looked like an old man to me and since I am an old woman… natch match!!

The snippet from my computer to yours. Hey I wonder if I can actually find a house elf – do they do windows? Humor is where EVER you find it. I seem to find it today in the really filthy window. Clean it I hear you say? Maybe, maybe not.

Have a great SNIPPET of a day!