Guest of Honor!

I know my sense of humor is bent, like a spaghetti noodle! But sometimes that helps get me through the day, Thanksgiving Day to be precise.


Our guest of honor sitting ON the table! I had never heard of a turkey being done this way but they call it “Beer can Chicken” I guess the turkey version is just sitting on a bigger can! I have to say that it really came out tender and juicy. I am not usually a white meat-eater but it really did taste good. One down side? You can’t stuff a sitting turkey. So dressing was made separately.

There was enough turkey (22 lbs of it!) mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, gravy, deserts, pies, etc. We will be having left overs until next year!! I think that when Peter and John take off tomorrow I will make sure to send the frozen left overs with them!

“What?!?” cough cough swallow “Sorry just had a little something caught in my throat. Leftovers? Nope don’t see any here”

No, what the dog was after is someone forgot to take their plate off the table. I guess Benjamin got his Thanksgiving too!!


Funny how a Holiday like Thanksgiving is important out here but so is working. Working up an appetite… using the new auger to plant some trees! Future Thanksgivings will see the work of todays Thanksgiving.