Cinderella City

How many of you remember the “Old Tyme” Photos? I just found a couple of them from probably late 70’s to early 80’s. It looks like I talked my parents into getting it done too.



Cinderella City Stores(1)

Cinderella City, it was the goal of my youth. To go shopping at Cin City! A group I am in posted a “Remember Cenderella City”. It made me think of the summer days when we would walk down to it. Well, that was if we couldn’t talk someone’s parents into taking us.

Bell bottom jeans, clutter boots and flannel shirts – or Tshirts in the summer. So many memories in that place. I don’t handle change well. OK, I really hate change. When I first heard of the idea of taking out the city part and Denny Miller Field, I thought it would never happen. How could it? The public pool, city park and most of the sports games took place there. I was secure in the fact that MY Englewood would not change. Until of course the bulldozers and jack hammers started. I was as devistated as any 8 year old girl could be!

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Then came the thrill of a life time. When I was about 12? Walking into the “Blue Mall” and seeing the fountain – INSIDE a building. We of course tossed pennies and made wishes, mostly concerning boys! The miles I walked in those halls. With my babysitting money tucked into my jeans pockets. Mostly stolen from my brother the jeans not just the pockets! I remember once Leslie asked Mom where his jeans were and she said in the drier. I heard him go down the stairs and I RAN out the back door. Yep, I had pilfered the drier before he got to. Enough family history back to the mall.

When anybody came to visit we always took them to the mall. It was a great show place.

One of my memories concerns my cousins from Mississippi. I thought nothing of hopping on an escalator and riding to the upper level. I was already about half way up when I found I was alone. Looking back at the bottom of the escalator was several of my girl cousins, Aunt Shirley and Mom. They were all trying to get one of the cousins on the escalator. She had never been on one and was scared. I guess that is just how she grew up. Remind me to tell you all of the time I was in their house and I lost a bucket down the well… OK, maybe don’t remind me! Just go with the fact we are all different. We finally got her on and once she reached the top she said she would find the stairs down! Memories.


Taking our pennies to buy posters in Spencer’s, material from Hancock’s and books from the Hallmark store. So many shops so little MONEY!!

Remember when I said I am not good with change? Our neighbor, who had worked on building of Cinderella City, said that it wouldn’t last because it was built on a creek bed. Yep the same one we use to play in at city park. He was right. The concrete started cracking do to unstable ground water. The grand lady of the shopping malls was relegated to history. My history anyway. Sad that she went, glad we got to have so many memories there.