Thoughts on Family and Thanksgiving

longlineYou know that for many years I thought of holidays as just something to get through. I always wished that I didn’t have to cook for people. Usually because I had partied the night before and had a hangover! I remember telling my Mom “Why do you have to do this every year!?!?” she would just hand me a potato peeler or a pan to put the noodles in.

That was then this is now. I really wish I had a hoard to cook for. I would make a mountain of mashed potatoes and a landslide of noodles if I could just spend one more holiday with my parents.

My Son, Peter, came home for Thanksgiving. I really love having him here. I know that he feels rather like I did at his age. I just hope I make it long enough so that he will have his own family to cook for.


I was riding through the back roads of Colorado and it reminded me of the times we would go to South Dakota for Thanksgiving. Same brown grass, same brown lawns and even some of the same cows…. OK, just kidding. But it did remind me that the times that we spent in Letcher’s OLD legion hall, seemed to be almost forgotten as family has become strung from coast to coast.


I hope Peter’s family will have similar memories of this place. That is if he EVER decides to start a family! Well, what can I expect I was 36 when I had him. He comes from a long line of late bloomers!!


Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

Family and friends a like!!