Round ’em UP!!


This is a day that will go down in infamity. Well, just on this blog. This is the day that the calfs get separated from the cows. Or weaning – the crash corse! The Moms on one side of the gate and we are trying to get the calfs all together so that moving them by themselves won’t be such a big hassle. TOO LATE the hassle train left the station a long time ago!!


It was actually easier to get the cows separated into the field with the horses. They were use to being hearded, so they just kind of walked along. Which left us with calfs… unruly calfs. We finally got them all walking the right way and into the right holding gates. Now our yard sounds like the lovelorne serenade – the calfs are already eating hay, grass and oats. But they miss the Moms and the Moms miss them. I am told that somewhere between 5-7 days it will stop.


Mean while the horses are laughing at us. But they got moved into a new area also so they are happy.

All in all another stellar day in the plains of Colorado!