Feeding time in the barn


This cat I have named fluffy. It (I haven’t gotten close enough to tell boy or girl!) has a unique way of eating. Fluffy manages to get there first and just LAY on the food. Nobody is going to want it after that…. well almost no cat!!

Many barn cats makes for FEW barn mice. HOPEFULLY!


Just as I was looking to take a picture they stopped. They seem to have invented a new game. “Poop Ball” See those roundish looking things? Yep, it’s POOP!!! from the horses. When the kittens get bored with playing with each other or messing with the adults. They start batting around those little gems. I don’t see it becoming an olympic sport anytime soon but it keeps them entertained for a few minutes!

Nope “fluffy” isn’t sleeping it is eating!! Strange how no one wants to eat after fluffy!!

fun times in the barn. I wonder what will happen if we ever get plumbing in the barn? I have to heat water to clean the milking machine. So while I wait and the water heats I take pictures and play with the cats!! More fun than a barrel of monkies or more fun than a barn full of cats!!