And they…

El Dorado Poster

There is one movie that my brother and I really like. El Dorado with John Wayne. I mean it has John Wayne in it! So to my way of thinking it is just about perfect as movies go. There is one particular scene that always just cracks me up.

James Caan and John Wayne are riding into a town and they stop at a blacksmith shop to purchase a gun. They are getting this gun because James Caan’s character (Mississippi) can’t shoot. The blacksmith pulls out a sawed off shotgun and when asked about how wide of a pattern or where he got it his answer is “Well, the guy I got it from couldn’t see so good. He just points where he hears someone talking. One night he had a fight in the saloon. He heard a voice and he shot the piano player… And they hung ’em!”

To me is is one of the funniest scenes ever. So now when something goes wrong or we just can’t seem to catch a break we look at one another and just say “And they HUNG ’em”

Little known fact is that the guy who played the blacksmith was the same guy that did the art for the movie’s titles and credits.

“And they HUNG ’em”