Gun Control

Loaded topic. Sorry but I think it is important, you know on second thought I am not sorry. I think if you shut it away it will only grow in the dark so let us take it out dust it off and let it see the light of day. On this day – Veteran’s Day. I was noticing all the Veteran’s Day posts. I ran across one that her Father had explained to her about the “terrible” responsibility of owning a gun.

Now my Dad was a hunter. He and my brothers went on several hunting trips. Nothing terrible about that Well,  in less you were the deer. Even that was lucky for the deer anyway! The closest they got was seeing one on the second ridge over. Way too far to safely shoot at. So even at that not terrible.

I know my Dad taught me to shoot a rifle. I still haven’t shot a pistol. OOOPS! Sorry story interuptus here. When you go to target shoot with your brothers and one happens to mention that the shotgun has quite a kick. DO NOT let them sit you up against a tree!! Yep, I had a bruise that covered my shoulder and down my arm. Mom screamed and sent me to the doctor’s for X-ray. Nothing broken but let’s just say the chores I couldn’t do because of the injury (Mostly to my pride!) They got to do!! HA! HA!!

Meanwhile back at the topic of “terrible” responsiblity of owning a gun. I had a friend whose Dad and brother were part of Sheriff’s office in Douglas County. When I was set to move out of Mom and Dad’s house (again!). I mentioned that the part of town I was moving to not the greatest. So maybe taking my rifle (Little.22) would be a good idea. I had visions of holding off burglars and heroic accolades coming my way. My friend Donna looked at me like I had lost my mind. Loosing my mind not as unusual as it should be. But this time I really thought I had made a logical choice. Donna however seeing that my personality not as courageous as it should be to have a gun around the house. She asked me one simple question that put my thoughts in another perspective. “Would you be able to shoot to kill SOMEONE?” Her face told me she didn’t think I could.

To tell the truth I DON’T think I could. When I said “Of course, I could!” Thank goodness she knew me well enough to know I was lying.

“If you can’t shoot to kill, that person will take the gun and use it on you. Do you want to be responsible for handing a deadly weapon to someone who wants to KILL YOU?” When put that way, I had to admit that no I don’t think I could. She made me see it clearer than just using it for intimidation. So the terrible consequences are very real. I still own a gun. No bullets but I can use it as a club!

With all of the controversy of gun control I am a little sad that more people don’t have a friend like Donna. Someone to tell them how really terrible it could be. I personally don’t think that gun control is the answer. I mean they have already broken the law. Wither it be stealing or even murder. What makes anybody think that they would obey the law in their choice of weapon? Just my thoughts.