churchOk, I know that there is always that one person. That person who just can’t seem to be quite during church. Maybe a screaming kid, or a hacky cough or maybe SNORING! I think at this point I would have preferred any of those.  My Mom always made sure we were QUIET in church. No matter if the dress was scratchy, or the plastic band on the hat was too tight, or (Heaven Forbid!) the shoes were too small. Which everybody who has growing kids knows happens ALOT!!

I NEVER thought that I would be that person!! This morning I went the Methodist church here in Kirk. My son enjoys going and I like to see him happy. Well, today was not that day! I thought I had turned off my cell phone. (everybody knows where this is going right?) I heard the phone and I quickly dug through my purse thinking I must have put it in there. No. The second time it went off Peter took my purse out of the sanctuary. Thinking that all was going to be OK, I relaxed – a little. When I hear yet another “ding” from a phone. I knew It couldn’t be mine because Peter still had my purse. When I realized it had to be the lady to the right me, because that is where the sound was coming from. I looked at her with what I thought was a forgiving grin. Trying to let her know it was OK, but maybe she should turn it off now. Yet ANOTHER “ding” was heard. I quickly realized that the reason it was a sound coming from the right of me is because I had stuck my cell phone IN MY RIGHT pocket. Quickly opening it at just shutting it off I was so embarrassed. I think I will have to find another church. I don’t think Peter or his Dad will ever set with me again!! I have to give props to the minister, She never faltered through all 5 rings!!

Peter was so mad at me. Like I said he really likes going to that church. I guess I will have to settle being happy when Peter comes home. Now comes the really sad part. When my phone was ringing away it was a call from a “Handyman Service” that I had called for a plumbing job – Peter already found one that won’t charge us a service fee. So the entire situation was vastly unnecessary!! Besides that what business calls you on SUNDAY? So the next time you hear an annoying cell phone, check your purse and then CHECK YOUR POCKETS!!! or at the very least be kind to the idiot that forgot to shut it off. I still think it is rude to answer a call while in church but now I have a new found respect for the idiots who anger the others with a stupid cell phone!