Grassroots Halloween in Joe’s Colorado

I had a plan to go to a party. Decided really too much work. But I still had the costume a beautiful bridal gown…I was going to go as “Corpse Bride” So I go to another party not as far and my son wanted me to go. Yes he regretted it later… but lets go on. When I got to the party I announced that I was the scariest thing known to man. I wonder why only the women laughed?!?

I know that fall has always been my favorite time of the year. Weather cools, leaves fall and of course most significant HALLOWEEN!! You get to be someone you have always wanted to be. Ghost, ghoul, movie star or just a kid! No matter what age you are most of us have fairly pleasant memories of trick or treat, the school parties and CANDY!!!

On your mark! Get ready! AND GO!!! the line started at the door! So much fun!!
OK, some of the costumes had me stumped. I know this guy is something I see a lot!! It will come to me. Maybe later… it is right on the tip of my tongue… just can’t think of it right now.

I live in a town that has mostly agriculture as an income. With the harvest and working sometimes it is good to take a break from the real world to walk in a fantasy with your kids. Or just by yourself.

Some families all dressed up. Yes, I know spider man was a little hard to catch once he saw the candy!! Web slinger away!
Now that is SOME art work! Would it be too corny to say that it was PANDAmonium at the community center? Too bad I said it anyway!!
Meeting neighbors of all ages. This Man is from Kirk’s Lions club, just in case you couldn’t tell!!
NOT OFFERED to the kids was someone with my eternal gratitude! Trick or treat for the adults!! No, nothing was consumed on the premises, I can however say that my “treat” didn’t see the mornings light!!
I don’t know if that is his Mother behind him but the look of pride on her face tells me she probably is his Mom. She has a lot to be proud of. I asked if he was going to go to the military when he was old enough. His answer? “Yes, MAAM!” I hope he does. I got to say “Thank you for your service!” I really hope his costume is a forerunner of a long military career.
Who could resist taking a picture of a princess. Very nicely done!!
No matter what your age, it is nice to dress up!
20171031_190146 (1)
If you thought I could be around all of those costumes and not dress up… you don’t know me very well!!
20171031_205422 (1)
I wonder were the Indian and phone man are??
OH, now I see who the police man was in hot pursuit of.


No officer I haven’t seen anybody!! I am no snitch!! How about a bribe?? Candy!?!?

I don’t know if this guy was coming or going… Obviously he doesn’t either!! I eventually got a picture of the people sitting at the table with out mister blur!!


Seems everybody is having a good time… kids, older kids, parents and grandparents!! One of the things I really enjoy is seeing so many people having a good time. I know I did.

I remember that making our own costumes seemed to be the way to go. This guy or girl? Anyway I thought it was really a GREAT costume!! Notice the jet pack? Finally a good use for empty coke bottles!!

Mike Wakowski… where is BOO!!!
The little pirate wasn’t too sure she wanted to get her picture taken, Thanks little one. I really like your costume. He may not be Johnny Depp but Capt Sparrow if you are missing your costume next year…. don’t look in my closet!!
Suit up dear… The Broncos need all the help they can get!!

Wow, so many great costumes. How about Indiana Joanna? And what better costume to share? Mario Brothers!! Draka Malfoy tried to sneak past me… but I got her!!

Sleepy Hollow is missing a pumpkin?!?!
you can’t see if in this picture but she had lights on her costume… twinkle lights!!

I can’t wait until next year!!

OK I just had to mention that one of the other things I love about fall is the clothes. Sweaters, pants and jackets! After I made the second candy run and blamed it of course on my brother. I noticed that the jackets come in real handy the jacket may lie but the scale doesn’t!! Bring on the bulky sweaters!!

20171031_181238 (1)
Nope still can’t think what his costume is…. maybe next year.

Happy Halloween!!