From the Dairy Queen! Butter or Better?

OK, the dairy queen is at it again. Guess what? The ranch is now the proud owner of a milk separator AND an electric butter churn!! When the possibility of making butter had been brought up I had visions of me standing at a wood churn.

Thank goodness the days of churning have reached the 21st century! I sit here looking at a full moon out the window and listening to the butter churning away in the sink in the kitchen. A little back ground. When the churn arrived I thought that the milk would churn itself. Guess what? It doesn’t, but close. The separator will have to do it’s duty tomorrow. The first batch – which I left sitting on the counter. Made such a mess when it fell OFF the counter. The glass jar didn’t break – thank goodness! But the not yet butter and the butter milk made a mess all over the floor. The dog loved it and even the cat decided that a free meal is a free meal even if she had to share it with the dog!


Along with the milk our fridge now holds BUTTER!! I am so proud of me! But it seems it takes a lot of milk to make butter. I just need to find something to do with the butter milk. Drink it I hear you say. NOT BLOODY LIKELY! I never liked the taste of buttermilk. Mom on the other hand thought it was the best milk going. I wonder how it would taste with honey? or maybe other flavorings?? Can’t hurt to try!!