Ghoulish…The morning after.

With this capture, he knew not only his days but at this moment even his seconds were numbered. His capture was obviously the work of a nation wide or even a world wide plot. His precious information cast aside in an attempt to cut to the very  soul of this conspiracy. They had already torn away his protective coverings. It had been tossed aside with what was left of his pride and perseverance.  Knowing that come the dawn of the a new day he would be cast aside and forgotten. Maybe in the trash or worse yet in an unknown street somewhere his body to blow which ever way the wind would take him. His resistance was draining quicker than he had hoped. Now there was no hope of a rescue. He faced his fate with grim determination. He had been made for this! At least he would go out with pride. Let them find him in a gutter somewhere or dump him in a vast mountain of garbage! He would face it with a smirk on his face. Even with his last vision being of his ghoulish captor licking their lips and knowing he wouldn’t be the only casualty of this night’s conspiracy. The last thing he heard gave him little solace.

“Aren’t we a little too old for Trick or Treat?” one voice sounding like that of a pre-pubescent male.

“No way man, candy is candy!” This voice sounded much like a little girl. He had seen bits of her witches costume on the way into her out stretched arms holding a purple pumpkin.

Again the second captor spoke. “Hey, big brother. Don’t drop that in the street! The trash can is only five feet away!” At last he knew his end would be in the garbage dump and not on the street blowing in the wind. He felt some how comforted with this thought.

20171031_180949HAPPY HALLOWEEN – until next year!!

 May all of your candy wrappers make it to the trash can!! As I was writing this I noticed that the candy in the picture was mostly from the SECOND candy trip. The first seemed to have disappeared in the house some where. I blame Harvey, my brother! He must have eaten all the first candy run. Then I stepped on the scale… Yep, truth will out!! Next year maybe wait until the night before to make the candy run?? But where would the fun be in that!?!? I hope the candy in your Halloween lasted longer than mine!!