Off the grid or just off!?!?

This morning as I sat down at my computer I saw a truck pull in before I had finished my first cup of coffee. These nice men were here to finish the conversion to the solar power.


They were setting up the meters, checking wiring and generally making for a safe and sane conversion to the solar panels.

The panels have been inspected and ok’d. The wiring was a little off but the electrician who showed up was able to fix it with out much fuss. The general gist of the conversation was that the meters needed to be put in so that the state could account for the eco friendly conversion that has been in the works for a while. In Colorado we do have an extensive amount of sunny days even in the winter. The panels will be low maintenance. The one down side will be the dust. We have a lot of that blowing around here also. So wind would have been an option also. The low maintenance of solar made the choice easier.

At first they said that since the boxes were already in they electrician wasn’t needed. Then they opened the boxes. OOOOPs, good thing the electrician was there, some of the wires and dials and thingamabobs were backwards. Electrician to the rescue!!

I asked them why they hadn’t come yesterday – it was a beautiful day YESTERDAY! Today the wind and the clouds made it rather a challenge to get the wires around the right posts. Well, I guess the simple answer is that the schedule for yesterday was full. Yep, everybody wanted their electricity in before the storm today. I guess we were on the bottom of the list!

OK, wires in the right place? Check. Meters in the right boxes? Check. Shadow in the picture? How about we just skip that one! 3…2…1 John flipped the switch and we are off and running with solar power. Even on a day as cloudy as today the wheels that show how much is being used were actually turning! YEAH!! Well, we are off and running under our own power. Or at least the SUN’S own power!