Just when you get your $hit together…


Guess what got delivered last night? Yep, just when I think I have gotten my shit together they bring in something to scatter it all over. Well, not my shit exactly but still. Who even knows what to do with it? OK, rhetorical really. If you have animals that digest vegetation. I.E. cows and horses and the like. Who knew you can’t use manure from meat eaters. I.E. humans, dogs and cats. Well, obviously someone knew because I read it somewhere.

So here is the nice and CLEAN manure spreader. Or as I like to call it the “Shit Shoveler!” I thought I had better get a few pictures of it in it’s pristine condition before any of that vegi manure made it’s way through it.


Nice and shinny… “Pay no attention to the finger in the picture!” Wow, shades of the Wizard of OZ! It is all black and shinny. I wonder how long it will last? Maybe spring? Or maybe after it’s first run.


Ok, not a great photograph but look at those blades! That is for some serious SHIT!! (pun intended!)

Kudos from Kirk! May all of your shit flow down hill!!