This is Bessie in the barn. We had some really icky weather (technical term icky!) so we decided it was a good thing to start working out our contingency plan for this winter. Who wants to milk in the snow and ice? Definitely not me. However we had a little bit of  hiccup or kink or what ever you want to call it. I found that if you put the milker in first you have no room to get to the cow. Well, also if you put the food on the wrong side of the stall you actually have to craw under the gate to set up the milker.

I tried touching her and letting her know I was coming and talking in a voice that was suppose to instill confidence. What I needed was a few more brain cells. Good thing I took this picture before we had tried the milking thing. She maybe a little blurry in the picture but afterwards she was really blurry from my eyes.

My brother, Harvey, put the nail in the coffin just as I was crawling under the gate with his “Don’t let her kick you!” She took that as a cue. Yep hind leg that I had just patted and still talking, came up and knocked me for a loop. See those bars running next to the cow?

She didn’t brake my jaw (I really thought she had!) but when she slammed me into the bars I received a concussion. So she didn’t get milked that afternoon. I went to the doctor and found that unlike our friend the scarecrow – I do have a brain. And that there was no bleeding into it. Got a shot of anti inflammatory. sent home with instructions to ice and rest.

I am changing the milk cow’s name from Bessie to T-Bone!!

Ain’t farm life GRAND!?!?!?