Disability is NOT welfare…

Has this ever happened to you? Talking with someone and they mention that you are on “Welfare” I politely disagree and say “No I am on disability.” Then comes the remark “Same thing!” In an effort to not make a bad situation worse I shut my mouth and just sit there and listen to the rest of his speech.

Then comes the fuming. I try not to take it personally but… It festers and festers and finally it comes out here! On MY blog.

OK, I just want to point out that I had worked since I was 14. Paying into Social Security for over 40 years when I had to apply for disability. Now any insurance policy that you pay into for that long is not welfare. I don’t make much money but what I do get is not charity. I earned it – not much, but still. I earned it.

I know that this is all because I do feel guilty about not working… anybody who worked with me knows how really strange that sounds! But still, I would much rather earn a paycheck instead of a disability payment. But that isn’t going to happen in the foreseeable future.