Some of you may know that my coffee is the first thing I reach for in the morning. That and coffee creamer. This morning was no different until I found that I was OUT of coffee!! Stop the presses and rewind, yep – OUT OF COFFEE! Call the national guard or someone! As I was frantically looking through the cupboard I found a vacuum sealed pack of coffee…it looked like coffee anyway!20171005_133151

How many people notice the “Whole Bean” before the word COFFEE? And of course the little banner type thing running across the upper left corner?!?! Well, let us just blame it on the lack of said coffee. Yep, I opened the pack and tried to pour it into the coffee filter. Beans EVERYWHERE!! OK, sweeping up the beans an idea come to me, two of them actually:

  1. I don’t OWN a coffee grinder
  2. But I have a FOOD processor!!

Let’s not jump ahead, oh forget it jump right on ahead. It was a disaster but I was so desperate for coffee I tried it.

It didn’t turn out like Folgers or Starbucks. It didn’t even really turn out like coffee of any kind. So now beside the Folgers that Wal-Mart delivered today there will be another coffee can:


I just can’t bring myself to throw away any kind of COFFEE – even if it is the last resort!!

I hope you all have your FIRST choice of coffee!!